Serious Problems with Cannon LBP 1200 Printer

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Recently I need to reinstall fresh version of Windows XP operating system. But after installing new OS, I am having some problems with my Cannon LBP 1200 printer. Previously everything was fine and the printer was shared by multiple users. To install the printer driver, I just put the driver CD on to my CD-ROM and it was installed on to my pc without showing any error message. But after installing the printer driver I am experiencing the following problems:

1. The language showing on printer properties is not in English format.
2. Legal paper size is missing on the paper size list.
3. Printing job doesn’t start immediately after print command.
4. I am unable to share the printer on the network.
5. Too much paper jam.

To solve the first problem, I do uninstall/reinstall the printer driver for number of times, but the problem is still there. During the installation process, I cannot find any option to select the language. I have also searched for the change language option in the manual, but I am unable to find it.

I cannot see any legal size in the paper size list. Previously it was there and worked very well. Do I need to fix up the paper size manually? But I don’t know the manual process to setup paper size.

This is not a regular problem, but sometimes printer is not responding after print command. I need to switch off/on the power button to restart the printing job. I thought there may have been some problems in the USB port. But the problem is still exists despite of changing the USB port.    

I need to share the printer on a LAN. But I don’t know detail process to share the printer on the network. Another thing is bothering me is too much paper jam. I have tried to solve the problem by replacing a new toner but still I am having the same problem. Please help me.


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Serious Problems with Cannon LBP 1200 Printer


Hi , 1. The windows xp version which you reinstalled is it Xp with service 1 or service pack 2 or 3? If its service pack 1 please make sure that you install the service pack 2 or 3 for better support/compatibility for devices and printers.

Service pack download link

Else to check the Service pack version you have

Click on Start–>run–>type winver and press enter

2. Check for a quick scan of virus/spyware for your computer using latest updated antivirus program.

3. Try connecting the printer to different USB port don't connect the USB to the front of tower if in case you had early…

 (Clean boot process)

4. Uninstall the printer driver. Don't restart yet. Go to start–>run–>msconfig–> Go to services tab , put a tick mark on Hide all Microsoft services and then in that list except your antivirus program uncheck every other program and click apply and ok and restart the computer

5. Now reinstall the printer driver and restart if required

6. To share the printer on LAN ,

  Follow this Link

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Serious Problems with Cannon LBP 1200 Printer


If you are experiencing too much paper jamming the problem is with your printer and not with the application you are using. The software has no control over how the printer pulls every paper in its tray. If the Legal size is missing from the available paper sizes maybe you have an incomplete installation of the application you are using. An incomplete installation sometimes occurs if there is an unexpected interruption that has happened in the middle of the installation. Most of the time sudden interruptions in the setup are just ignored by the application and still finishes the procedure. And you expect it to work normally since the installation successfully completed even if there are interruptions. But this is not always the case.

Since you noticed that the Legal size is missing from the available paper sizes, you can uninstall the application and then install it back to give it a fresh start or you can just add it manually by adjusting the Width to 8.5” and the Height to 14”. This is the Legal size.

Run a disk check on your computer to see if there is any error since you are experiencing some problems.

  • Right click on drive C and then select Properties.
  • Click Tools tab.
  • Click Check Now.
  • Check Automatically fix file system errors and then hit Start.

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