Sending mail to distribution list in Outlook

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I have several contacts on my email account that appears on multiple distribution lists. If I will send an email to each in distribution list, will the recipients receive more than one copy? I need some advices.

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Sending mail to distribution list in Outlook


Hallo James,

I think the receivers can only receive one mail from a single distribution list and therefore it is not possible that they will receive multiple copies of the same email. Unless different distribution lists carry the same content that is supposed to be mailed, then it will is impossible for that to happen.

You could also just check the settings of your outlook and ensure that there is no setting that may cause the messages to be sent in multiple copies to the same email address of the recipient.

Hope this helps.


Lee Hung

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Sending mail to distribution list in Outlook


At this point, I am not sure if they will receive multiple email if you send them an email. A single distribution list consist of email addresses added but you have saved duplicate email messages on a single distributions, then the answer is Yes, they will receive multiple copies.

Another thing is if you send email messages to a multiple distribution list. Each distribution list has the same format and email addresses added to some but not all, this is because they need to be part in a group or groups. Definitely, they will receive email messages, not once but maybe more.

To verify, each distribution list should be audited. Check if their is a single email address saved and also listed on other distribution list. If yes, you need to remove the email address on one of the two.

This is the best solutions, if you don't want them to receive email message twice. But I think, nothing's wrong with it unless they don't want to get 2 from you with the same context.

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