Selecting default printer using Lotus script.

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Is there any setting in Lotus script where I can make my print setting as default printer on my computer?

In lotus spreadsheet there are many buttons for printing. There is a button what makes the printer setting to PDF printer.

If incase any mistakes happen, if I click in that button. All my print goes to PDF print.

How can I make this default to printer?

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Selecting default printer using Lotus script.


In version 8.02 of Lotus Notes, a developer is capable of issuing a print initiative of a Lotus Notes document to a particular printer. For example:

Call notesUIDocument.Print( [ numCopies%, [, fromPage%, [, toPage%, [,draft ]]]], PrinterTitle )

The PrinterTitle parameter is the name of the printer to which you are sending the print job.

The result of such call prompts the Lotus Notes client to set its default printer to that which is identified in the call. IBM, had indicated that if you set the default Windows printer to a printer, it should change the default printer for the Lotus Notes client. This in fact does take place, however, the problem is that when sending a print job to the default printer, it spools the job to a file within the Lotus Notes folder, as oppose to that which is what the system usually uses.

Please note that any other application within the system prints properly, after setting the default printer. Only Lotus Notes causes the issue.

Finally, the problem is rectified if Lotus Notes is turned off, and then turned back on, which is counter-productive.
Any help on this is greatly appreciated

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Selecting default printer using Lotus script.



To set default printer in IBM Lotus Notes you need first set default printer for system. To do co go to control panel and select Printer and faxes field.


Find your desired printer, right click on it and select Set as default printer.


After that in IBM Lotus Notes in printing options search your system printer and select it.


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