Selected media file 0001PZ cannot be processed by this tool

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I am running Mac Operating System and have some large resolution files to play. I have a tool to convert the large resolution into small but I am getting the following error message when I select media file. The file cannot be processed by this tool so I need your help to fix this annoying issue. Thanks in advance.

Cannot be processed by this tool

The selected media file (0001PZ) cannot be processed by this tool.

Only DVCPRO HD 720p 59.94 and 50 fps media files are supported

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Selected media file 0001PZ cannot be processed by this tool


If you need to process media files that have large resolutions then the error justifies it. It means the tool you are using to process the files doesn’t support the size of the resolutions of the files. Just like what it says in the dialog box, the tool can only support HD files at 720p. Maybe the files are around 1080p which is really above what the program can handle.

Since you didn’t mention the name of your application, just upgrade your program to a much higher version where it can support HD files higher than 720p like 1080p. The usual resolutions for HD videos are 960 x 540 [540p], 1280 x 720 [720p], 1440 x 1080 [1080p], and 1920 x 1080 [1080p].

On the other hand, you may also try converting your HD files lowering its resolution down to 720p just to make the files workable on the program. This is your best option in case you don’t want to use other tools to process the files.

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