Seismo Struct Avi error message

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As I was trying to create an AVI file using SeismoStruct I suddenly got an error “Failed to create AVI video file. En:$800440154”.

I have not encountered anything like this before. I really need to create an AVI file for my presentation tomorrow.

If anyone knows how to solve this please message me.


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Seismo Struct Avi error message


Dear Marvn

SeismoStruct is good software and usually not creates trouble for its user. As your program previous working fine and suddenly error shows that this program crashed due to some unknown reasons. Try to do these two steps:

  1. Close your application and restart your system and again try to create an AVI file. If program working fine then it's okay, otherwise
  2. Uninstall SeismoStruct and restart your system then again install this program.

Hope this will work and your trouble will be released.


Take Care


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Seismo Struct Avi error message



Hi there user:

The AVI file wasn’t successfully created that’s why this error occurred. AVI itself not contains frames (any frames).

To solve this issue, you have to make sure that when you quit an AVI object, it has at least one (1) single frame. Below is the subfunction.

function MainFcn

%create the AVI object here

aviobj = avifile (‘example.avi’)

%function call to create the movie

aviobj = makemovie (aviobj) ;

% close the file

aviobj = close (aviobj) ;



function aviobj = makemovie (aviobj)

for i = 1:10

plot (1:10) ;

aviobj = addframe (aviobj, getframe 9gcf)) ;




I hope this could solve your problem.


Thanks for asking here at


Best regards,



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