Second time does not open project in fingerprint SDK

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Hello everyone, I am a developer and currently doing a project in VB 6. I have to add some finger print reading capabilities to my software, and for the purpose I downloaded the free fingerprint SDK but I am facing some problems using it. I feed the fingerprint image through digital persona. My application successfully added the image to the database.

It even verified the fingerprint image which means there is no problem in the algorithm but when I open the project again after some time and the following error occurs:

Runtime Error! Program: …int_verification_SDKFFVSDKbinwin32_x86Nffvserver.exe

abnormal program terminal

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Second time does not open project in fingerprint SDK


This is something that you might be consulting from the help of the SDK which you downloaded. As you have said that you can successfully integrate it with the system and all the images are uploaded successfully and that they are verified too so why is this error keeps coming.

Make sure that you don't disturb any other dependencies in the system because of the fact that they are necessary and must not be distributed during the execution. There might be a chance that you point to something that is not physically present there and it gives the error.

Try performing a test by making a separate file for the code of the finger print reader

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