Search text from many file from many folders in window 7

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HI Guys,

I need very urgent help. I am using window 7 now i am trying to search some text from many files i don't know which file have required text for example i am trying to search image1.png from one template and there are many files can you tell me how can i search text from many files by using window 7.


Thank You

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Search text from many file from many folders in window 7


Hi Shaheen,

You can use the windows 7 advanced search operator. click the start menu and type the texts on the search box. Then open the Explorer window and a search filter will appear on the top right corner asking you if you would like to add another search filter. select it. Other options will appear. Choose the 'kind' option which will display a drop down list of options. Then choose the 'pictures' option. Next step press the 'type' option and another drop down list of options of various types of picture formats will appear. Select the .png type. Finally a list of documents, files, and folders containing the information you are looking for will be displayed.

Thank you.

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