Script that’ll allow to “push” and email on user demand from Lotus-client

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Hi! I like to have a little bit help in using Lotus. I wonder if there is any specific script that will allow me to “push” and email on user demand from a Lotus client (R5.0.12) to SAP CRM (v4.0), instead of “pull” script from CRM standard solution provided by the SAP Groupware. I will appreciate your suggestions. Thank you.

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Script that’ll allow to “push” and email on user demand from Lotus-client


Hallo Devaughn,

It seems like you want to create a SAP mail item by using the LotusScipt. To do that, there are functions which can be called just like the standard SAP Remote Functions does, and they are the following:

SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_ATT_SEND_API1, which is normally used when there are binary attachments.

SO_NEW_DOCUMENT_SEND_API1, which on the contrary happens to be used in case of no binary attachments.

You will also to need to note that the SAP user in this case is either the user ID, or it could be the email address that is related to the record of the user.

You will be required to install Lotus Connector from SAP so that you can be able to call the RFCs, and you can get the Lotus Connector from IBM. Then you will need to log into SAP, but after you are done with referencing the LC in the code, and thereafter you will set up an object which will hole the RFC parameters and make the call.

For more information on how to go about the process, I will refer you to the following link: and this site and Go here too.


Clair Charles


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