A script is causing Adobe Flash Player to run slowly…

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For 2 days now, I started getting this error message in a dialog box about adobe flash player.

It appears even if I don't have any open application.

I removed my Adobe Flash Player and rebooted, then installed it back.

The problem continues however.

A script in this movie is causing Adobe Flash Player to run slowly.

If it continues to run, your computer may become unresponsive.

Do you want to abort the script?  Yes / No.

Checking either option only gets rid of the pop-up for a few minutes.

Any solution?

Thank you.

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A script is causing Adobe Flash Player to run slowly…


Yes, this is a common problem in Adobe Flash Player. That is why if you have this application in your computer you need to update it once in a while so that other programs that uses it will be handled much efficiently and will avoid some minor problems.

The error occurs because Adobe Flash Player can not catch up with the video rendering of the application.

That error usually appears in chat sites where a much faster version of Adobe Flash Player is required because of the interaction between the chatters that exchanges long lines of messages, some with an embedded image, and some in bigger font sizes which really requires a newer version of the application that can optimize the process.

You can fix the problem by updating your Adobe Flash Player to version, the latest release which is already available in Adobe’s website.

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A script is causing Adobe Flash Player to run slowly…

I believe that you encounter during you are using the Google Chrome as your browser. Google Chrome has its own updated flash player called PepperFlash plugin as it was the default flash player.
Since you said that you remove your Adobe Flash Player then you installed it back, your browser or rather the Google Chrome now has two Flash Player plug-ins installed that is the reason why it tend to crash.
To solve this problem, you have to disable one Flash Player plug-in. To do that follow my procedure given bellow:
Step 1:  Launch the Google Chrome, in the URL bar type the chrome://plugins then hit "Enter" on your keyboard.
Step 2: You can see under "Plug-ins" the flash player installed and a "2 files" on its side. That only means that there are two flash player installed.
Step 3: You can see the "Disable" under the "Location" of PepperFlash just select it to disable. The font color of the text must turn into gray.
Step 4: Make sure that the Adobe Flash Player is still enabled.
If after doing this your flash player still crashed, do the same steps given above but this time the PepperFlash is the one that will enable and the Adobe Flash will be disable.
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A script is causing Adobe Flash Player to run slowly…


Hello Elvire,

Among Adobe Flash Player 10 Script error you can see another Techyv.com page which is contained many solution, will be helpful for your issue.

Adobe Flash Player 10 script error


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