Screen problem. Its upside down!!!! Help :(

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My computer screen is turned up-side-down.

I can’t work in it, and it is really painful. Is there any solution?

Please answer ASAP!

Thanks in advanced.

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Screen problem. Its upside down!!!! Help :(


There is definitely a solution for this type of problem. Go to desktop and click the right button of your mouse.

You will see there is a something called Graphic Option or related to that.

Click on it and go to the Graphics properties/ graphics settings.

Since different graphics card has different settings, you need to find out the option where it says something like Rotate Screen.

You can change the rotation angle to 0 degree and you will find out that your screen is as it was.

Thank you.

Hope that helped.

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Screen problem. Its upside down!!!! Help :(


The exact procedure for rectifying the display may depend on the particular brand and configuration of the graphic cards in the computer. one of the following options will help resolve the issue.

Option 1. Try using the keyboard combination, "Control + Alt + Up Arrow key". Control + Alt along with one of the arrow keys is a fairly common rotation hot-key configuration and may just do the trick.

Option 2. If Option 1. doesn't work, see if there is a graphics card icon displayed in the Notification area (near the Windows Clock). Clicking (or right-clicking) the icon may reveal a "Rotation Settings" option that will allow you to revert to "normal" display.

Option 3. If neither of the previous options helps, try the following procedure;

1. Right-click an open area of the desktop and click "Properties" to open the "Display Properties" window.

2. Click the "Settings" tab and then click the"Advanced" button to open the monitor setting window.

3. Click the tab corresponding to your graphics card. You may need to click one or more buttons within the tab to reveal a rotation settings option. Exactly where rotation settings are located will depend on the brand of graphics card installed.

4. Once you locate the rotation settings, choose the "0 degrees' or "normal" option to change the display to upright. The rotations settings may also give you the option of disabling rotation hot keys so that the problem does not happen again.

5. Click "OK" to save changes and exit out of any properties windows.

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Screen problem. Its upside down!!!! Help :(


Hi T.andy,

This is a very simple issue. You can easily resolve this issue by following method.

  • First you have to press Ctrl+Alt and need to up arrow key for 4-5 second until the screen come to normal. If it will not work then you need to change your graphics settings.
  • You have to click right button at any area of your desktop.
  • Then go to Graphics option and then click on the Graphics Properties.
  • Then you can select either Device or rotation
  • You have to Choose Rotation and select normal
  • If the problem will not fix yet then again click on any empty are of your desktop and select properties option.
  • Then you have to select settings.
  • Now you need to Change resolution by higher resolution Button.

Hopefully it will fix your problem.

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Screen problem. Its upside down!!!! Help :(


Perfect solutions.

Thanks a lot Mate

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