Screen of the computer is flipped

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My brother is always flipping the screen after he used the computer and it is really annoying.

When I asked him how to undo it he wouldn't tell me.

My remedy is I would always switch off the computer which will take time to load compared if you will just switch user.

How can I fix a flipped screen using computer hot keys?

Thank you.

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Screen of the computer is flipped


Hi Lawrence,

Flipped screen?

It's very annoying right if you don't know how to fix?

Yeah, I know how you feel if this is what happen to you.

I came across to this before back in college. The first time I encounter flipped computer screen. I was so pissed off because I can't ask my professor how to put it back.

He's like 2 rooms apart from me because of how our computer room has been set-up.

I can't ask my colleague because we are about to begin our exams. The good thing is, I Google it, find ways to solve myself. The bad thing is, I was doing a head turn during my research. Just imagine my looks and posture during that time. Huh!

Anyhow, enough with this story. Here's how to fix flipped screen monitor.

Do press CTRL + ALT and the arrow key's up, down, forward, backward.

This depends on how the computer screen looks like. If it's flipped sideways, to the right then do CTRL + ALT and the key to the right.

Hope this feels you OK if you are mad.

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Screen of the computer is flipped


Hello Lawrence.

The hot keys actually depend on what graphics adapter is on your computer.  If you are using Intel integrated graphics then the hot keys should be:

Ctrl + Alt + Arrow Up / Arrow Down / Arrow Left / Arrow Right

The above hotkeys are enabled by default so it should not be a problem (unless of course your brother changed the hotkeys himself)

For ATI graphics, it's going to be a little tricky since the hotkeys are not enabled by default. 

You will have to reboot to set the screen straight then you will have to access the ATI Catalyst Control Center (now known as the "AMD VISION Engine Control Center), enable hotkeys and define the hotkeys yourself.

Hope this helps!

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Screen of the computer is flipped


Hi Lawrence,

You were a victim since you don't know how to bring it back to its normal mode.

but don't worry, I'll help you.

Here's the secret.

Just follow this instructions:

1. Hold the "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys together

2. While still holding the "Ctrl" and "Alt" keys. Up/right/side/up, Right = 90 degrees, Down = 180 degrees and Left = 270 degrees.

Good Luck!

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