Scheduled Task by Google on my Windows XP

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I've just realized that Google has created a scheduled task on my computer running Windows XP. I don't know does this tasks do. Yes, it's not only one task, but three tasks. How come this happen. And, what does this tasks affect my computer?

This three task are below:

  1. GoogleUpdateTaskUserS
  2. GoogleUpdateTaskUserS
  3. GoogleUpdateTaskMachineCore
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Scheduled Task by Google on my Windows XP


Don't worry about that schedules created by Google. It's only used for updating the Google Toolbar in your browser. You can check it for yourself. Right-click on one of the schedules on the list and choose Properties.

The next window will show you what that schedule is assigned to do. You can delete it if you want. But I’m sure it will be back soon. It is automatically created every time you open your browser.

I too have schedules listed. There is one created by There are also other programs that creates scheduled task right after it was installed. It’s really program generated and you really can’t stop it from appearing in the Scheduled Tasks.

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