Sccm 2012 printer deployment how to’s

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I ran cmd.exe /c PnPutil.exe -i -a  C:_SMSTaskSequencePackagesxxxyyyyy.inf to inject drivers in the Operating system.

I did this for sccm 2012 printer deployment so that several computers can use a printer without needing to install one by one the drivers.

It did not work.

Please tell me what I did wrong.

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Sccm 2012 printer deployment how to’s


Please, mention the steps you follow while installing the drivers.

You can follow the steps again.

You should make a SCCM package combining all the driver files. in the task sequence you should run a command line step to run “cmd.exe /c PnPutil.exe -i -a  C:_SMSTaskSequencePackagesxxxyyyyy*.inf”.

just see, xxxyyyyy means SCCM package ID. It generally scans folder, copy and inject all valid drivers into the Operating System. If you have SCCM OSD, you should disable  redirect on x64 OS, otherwise, the strife will be in vain., because the PNPUTIL.exe remains in system32.

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Sccm 2012 printer deployment how to’s


Hello Dorothy,

Try this different command line and see if it will work with your situation.

It is a bit similar to what you have but adds one important element that might be of help.

I just added % and it worked on another computer.

Use the command line below;

  1. Create a package that contains the drivers that you want to use.
  2. Lets say the folder name with the copied drivers is DRIVERHP and the package ID is D02199999.
  3. To add the driver, run the command that is in braces {cmd.exe /c PnPutil.exe –i –a %_SMSTSD02199999%DRIVERHP*.inf}

Note: Please observe where the % is and the folder name together with the driver ID.

I hope this helps.

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