Scanning Subnets without Human Intervention

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What do you guys think of AutoScan-Network application's capacity to scan subnets without human intervention? Does this mean that there would be lesser errors in generating reports? Can somebody give me a wider perspective as to how this application works? Thank you.

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Scanning Subnets without Human Intervention


If you want to use a auto scanner for your subnet, their probably some error can be occurred. But if you look after some important things I given below, you can avoid these kind of errors or problem.

You have to use an active net card and a reliable network. Otherwise you will faces different types of problem. Here I suggest you to use Auto scan network, it's a free software but reliable. Actually it is a network discovering and managing application software. It has some firewalls problem. An active firewall from local machine can block network discovering. So you have to keep it in mind about the problem. Besides this problem it can work efficiently for your server.

Your job is just install it then it can able to manage your subnet properly without any human intervention.

This application is capable with windows, Linux, Mac OS (i386 Binary), Maemo 4 and others something. You have to paid a visit here. Hope that, you can get relief from your problem.

To download it visit here-

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