Scalability of database and how it helps improve performance

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What is meant by scalability of a database? What is the difference between a read heavy system and a write heavy system? What is vertical scaling? How is it different from horizontal scaling .If you have a ready heavy system, which one is the preferred mode of scaling: vertical or horizontal?

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Scalability of database and how it helps improve performance

Scalability means that the growth of the system and increasing the volume of the system. 
Scalability is applied for the Suitable ,Efficient and large amount of the data/situations.
Scalability is increase the performance of the system 
There is two ways of Scalability to achieved
1 Vertical 
2 Horizontal 
Vertical scaling:-
Vertical scaling means that adding/including of hardware like RAM(Random access memory), Processor and load balancer .
Which can helps to get incoming calls from the different servers. Which are based on the routing algorithm. 
Using the vertical scaling to handle more load as load can shared across the servers.
Different from horizontal scaling and preferred scaling mode:-
         In the horizontal scaling can be adding of more machine into our pool recourse where vertical scaling adding more power likes CPU, RAM.
Horizontal scaling is based on the partition of the data every node contains only the related of the data. But in vertical scaling is often limited to the capacity for single machine and its involve the downtime comes with upper limit. Examples of horizontal scaling
examples of vertical scaling
MySQL-Amazon RDS

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