SaveDevice PC cannot open file for saving

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I have edited some files and also created new ones for a server of Counter Strike. Today when I tried to open the new files and save them this ERROR popped up. I think I might lost all the work I have done and I would like to know if there is a solution for this error? What are the chances that all files are lost? Thank you experts!


SaveDevice_PC-TempSaveGame:cannot open file for saving


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SaveDevice PC cannot open file for saving



Your problem needs to be solved into different way. Here is the technique that will help to check whether all the files are present in the game installation folder. If not found, it will be fixed. Also, if any file is corrupted, that will be fixed automatically.

In the case of Windows Vista, 7, or 8:

1. Exit Steam.

2. Right-click on the shortcut that is being used to launch Steam.

3. Choose “Run as administrator” option.

4. From “Library” section, right-click on the problematic game and click “Properties”.

5. Select “Local files” tab.

6. Press the button saying “Verify integrity of game cache…”.

7. Wait until the process finishes.

In the case of Windows XP:

1. Exit Steam.

2. Go to Start menu >> Run.

3. Type “regedit” >> hit Enter.

4. Go to the following registry section:

5. Right-click on the folder and select “Permissions”.

6. Check the boxes marked as “Allow” for “Admin” and “System” for “Full control” and “Read”.

7. Launch Steam again and run the verification process described before.

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