SATA and PATA hard drives

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To be honest, I only know a thing about SATA and PATA that is, they are the type or versions of hard disk. I want to know what is the actual difference among SATA and PATA and what do they stand for? Are SATA more expensive than PATA? Which has more data processing capacity? How to distinguish among them and finally which is good? Please, I want all these questions answered to my better understanding about hard disks.

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SATA and PATA hard drives


Hello Maria!

Here is the best answer to your questions.

SATA – Serial Advanced Technology Attachment. This will give you much faster speed of data processing and transfer of files. It will give you 600 MB/second. This hard drives do have longer cables or it’s extended.

PATA – Parallel Advanced Technology Attachment. This is the old version of ATA hard drives.

Which is expensive?

The answer to this since SATA is the widely used hard drives right now and vastly manufactured, SATA is much cheaper than PATA. PATA do have limited production so it tends for the manufacturer to sell it for higher price. Please do remember the more extinct, outdated, obsolete the device or software we are looking for the much expensive cost.


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