Sandboxie not working properly in my windows-7.

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Came to know about Sandboxie in which we can run our all software and prevent viruses, malware and worms from making permanent changes to our machine but when I run chrome and Firefox browser in Sandboxie then it is not showing YELLOW outline over the browser as it is showing with other software when I run them in Sandboxie. What I know is that if Yellow outline is showing over the window of s/w then it is working in separate Memory location and our system is secure. But this is not happening in my system. Please help to solve this issue and also tell whether I am correct about its working or not?

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Sandboxie not working properly in my windows-7.


I guess you did it incorrectly. Though Sandboxie runs a web browser in a sandboxed environment, you need to use the default sandboxed web browser instead of clicking on the icon for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox. If you have Sandboxie installed on your computer and you click on the original icon for Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox, the browser will not run in Sandboxie.

To run your web browser in Sandboxie, click on the icon Sandboxed Web Browser. This shortcut will automatically open the default sandboxed browser. See image.

In case this action brings up the wrong web browser or it is not the web browser you want to use, use the DefaultBrowser utility to fix it. On the DefaultBrowser screen, select the browser you want to use then click Apply. Unfortunately, not all browsers are included on the list. In case the browser you want to use is not included, use the option under “For other browsers, use this section” to select your web browser. See image.

In case the result is undesirable, you can click the Reset button to undo the configuration.

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