Samsung zoom lens 5X has slow shutter

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Hello guys,

I have a Samsung zoom lens 5X camera but it has a very slow shutter. If I press the shutter, it takes between 45 seconds and 1 minute before capturing the image. I think there is something wrong because it should be taking much less than that. Any idea why this happens? How do I solve it?

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Samsung zoom lens 5X has slow shutter


Hello Herbert,

There might be few reasons for a slow shutter speed. A few things to check:

1. Light. Low light makes the camera spend more time to gather light in order to produce an image. Does your problem persist even with good lighting?

2. Shutter speed settings. What mode are you using when this happens? Is your shutter speed set manually?

3. Self timer. In some cases, this might be turned on.

4. Memory card. You might want to consider getting a new memory card

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Samsung zoom lens 5X has slow shutter


Hi Herbert,

This sounds like a lighting problem. If the light is low while taking snaps, it will take some time for the camera to gain light. Because some cameras need proper lighting to take a snap, in case if there is not enough light the camera it selve will try to attain more light and which will take some time. Or you may have set your ISO to too low. So, give a check to ISO to make sure it isn't set to be too low. Another possible problem could be that of Memory card's. If the memory card is slow, this could happen. Also make sure the self timer is not 'on'.

Hope this will solve your issue



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