Samsung ML 1660 Toner Error With New Toner

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I need help with my Samsung ML1660. The printer quit printing saying that it was out of toner. So i put in new toner and now it will not print at all. Is there a reset that I am suppose to do after changing toner? Could I have bought bad toner that is causing the error still?

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Samsung ML 1660 Toner Error With New Toner


After changing the toner, you don't need to do anything normally. Your last toner was out of ink and after placing new toner, your printer is not working. So, it is possible that there are documents in waiting, which are yet to print and that has created the jam. Try to do the following:-

1. Switch off the printer and then switch it on again.

2. Now check that there are no pended documents, yet to print.

3. Go to Start….Run….write 'service.msc'….click OK….Select Print Spooler from the list….and click on Restart.

See the picture below:-

You should also check that your printer is online and has not got deactivated by any means. Check it from Control Panel.

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Samsung ML 1660 Toner Error With New Toner


If you have a Samsung printer and it displays one of the following messages:

  • Replace Toner
  • Toner Empty
  • Toner Exhausted

Here’s how to fix it. First, remove the toner cartridge then shake it from side to side to redistribute the toner. After this, install the toner cartridge back. If this doesn’t work or one of the toner error messages still appears, it means the toner cartridge has been exhausted and needs to be replaced. Buy a new toner cartridge and replace the empty one.

You may encounter this error on Samsung laser printers. When replacing the toner cartridge, buy only appropriate replacement toner cartridge for your printer model.

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