Samsung Impression Touch Screen Problem!

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Three days ago until now I’m having a problem with the Samsung Impression touch screen, the last scenario was I dropped it from my hand to the floor when I was fall asleep, but the floor was not that too hard (carpet). I just saw it in the floor after having bad dreams, so I picked it up and it’s already turned off.

Though, it’s still working but suddenly the phone was freeze and I can’t turn if off so I removed the battery for half an hour. Then it works again, but after a while the phone freezes again. I recalibrated it to see if it would stop. After I calibrated it, it worked just fine for a few minutes but then it started getting all jacked up again. I figured it I calibrated it every day it would work so that’s what I did. After a while the phone was so messed up I can no longer go to the menu and I can't get to calibration (which was the problem in the first place).

Somebody would help me please?

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Samsung Impression Touch Screen Problem!



One option here is to do a full reset to your phone. On your touch screen, tap the dial button and press in 
The phone will then restart. After it has restarted, see if it will now function well.
Another option is to look at the back of your Samsung phone. Look for any reset hole and poke it lightly using a thin stick. This will reset the phone. See if it will now work after the reset had been done.
A word of warning. When performing these reset stuffs, there is a possibility that your data, files, and configuration on your phone will be deleted. So don't be surprised if all of your files are gone.
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Samsung Impression Touch Screen Problem!


Considering the magnitude of your problem , it will be necessary to first check your screen for any fractures that may have resulted from the falling; that would necessitate a complete replacement of the touch screen, either from ebay or other reseller at a fee. However, if you substantiate that your screen is not broken, a hard reset will be necessary so as to bring your phone to full functionality. The hard reset is done using a Samsung service code that does a full reset on your phone. The software code is A877UCID3, model SGH-A877. Follow the following steps:


Backup all your data and documents into an external storage memory, preferably a memory card. This is essential because a hard reset means that all data stored in the phone memory will be erased and it will only contain the factory settings.


While your phone is still on, slide to reveal the keyboard and type the code obtained from the obtained software (*2767*3855#) followed by the "enter key".

A screen message will come up briefly, prompting you that the process will shut off and restart your Samsung device.

After the restart, the touch screen will be working again and its sensitivity can be increased by calibration using the stylus that came with your Samsung Impression.


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