Samsung galaxy S5 showing error “Emergency calls only, no SIM card inserted”

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I bought a new Samsung galaxy S5. The features on this phone are simply great. When I called to somebody it is working fine. When I try After 5 minutes time it is not at all allowing to give another call. The screen is showing "Emergency calls only, no SIM card inserted" even though the SIM is within the phone itself.

Afterwards, I removed the SIM again, then inserted and restarted. But it is showing the same result. What is actually happening here? Can someone give me a solution for this strange behavior? Thanks!

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Samsung galaxy S5 showing error “Emergency calls only, no SIM card inserted”

So you did remove the SIM card out and place it back again, but nothing happened with the phone; hence, try the following simple experiment: 
Trial 1: Try a different SIM in your S5. If your phone works, then you need to replace the original SIM;                     otherwise, proceed to Trial 2:
Trial 2: Do any of the following for the tray of the SIM card may be loose:
             1. Add paper or a tape (scotch) on the back side of the SIM without contact properly fit; or
             2. Gently push the SIM card tray to tighten up the slot;
Note: You should check your SIM card or its slot for dirt or dust.
Trial 3: Try your original SIM to another phone. If it works, then it was not fitted properly in your Galaxy                 S5. Proceed to Trial 2; 
Trial 4: If all trials did not work, reset your phone. If reset still did not work, your original SIM may need                  replacement.  The SIM card that was cut  badly into a micro size will not work.
If all this attempt did not work, bring your S5 to nearby service center and discuss the situation with the store. 

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