Samsung build new logic chip for $1.9 billion dollars

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Samsung Electronics Corporations will spend 1.9 billion dollars.

Do you think it is enough to build a new logic chip line to make processors for mobile devices as demand grows for smartphones and tablets?

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Samsung build new logic chip for $1.9 billion dollars



You are right that the Samsung Corporation has decided to spend 1.9 billion dollars to build a new facility to produce new generation of mobile Soc's which will be produced in a 20 NM and 14 NM. Samsung is taking this step as they are expecting a huge demand for mobile Soc's.
As these Soc's become more and more powerful they will take place of traditional CPU's in all manner of portable devices. But the truth is even with this new facility there could be a shortage as demand for these Soc's is growing in a very fast rate. So at the it will take all the chip manufacturers not only Samsung to fulfill the demand of the growing market.
Also even now there is shortage of S4 Soc's which is why many manufacturers are being forced to bring devices with a older generation S3 Soc's when the S4 Soc's are much more powerful and consume less power. Ex: HTC is bringing HTC ONE S device with S3 Soc to some of the countries.
Bla Dozal

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