Samsung 720N – Brightness Problem

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I have an issue my Samsung Sync master 720N. At a random time, the screen turns black for a few seconds as if its settings were reset and then the brightness menu appears and auto adjusts itself.

It's very annoying as I can't enjoy a movie or play a game without having this problem. I have looked around and on some websites I've seen the fact that it is an issue from the manufacturer. I have given it some thought and I find it impossible for the simple reason that it worked so well for over 4 years. I took care of it and it never suffered any accident. Is it really the time for me to acquire a new monitor ?

I hope not .. What are your suggestions ?

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Samsung 720N – Brightness Problem


Hi James

Well as you were saying about your monitor this problem manifested after 4 years of use. So then it is very correct that this has to be an issue with the manufacturer for things do wear and tear. A very sharp knife could be very dull as time may pass. Just like your computer, does your monitor still has warranty? for you can easily bring it there to be fixed for free if you have  a warranty. But if not, have you tried breing it to the expert mechanic or someone you knew who knows fising stuff? or have you tried fisng it yourself? 

The problem here is on its control chip(the one that you press to control it's setting in the monitor). And yes it might be broken/malfunctioned due to prolonged use or misuse. Well you can try deactivating it by pulling it's power source then just let your computer do the auto adjust on your screen. And yes this will require opening/unscrewing stuff so be sure that it's no longer in warranty in doing this stuff.

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Samsung 720N – Brightness Problem



This problem can occur due to many reasons. Some most possible reasons are given below with their solutions. Check it out. 

1. Check your hardware connections first. Ensure that connections are not loose. Check your power cable and cable connecting CPU to your monitor. Sometimes, loose connections can cause this issue. You can replace the power cable of your monitor. 

2. Update your video drivers. 

3. Ensure that there is no hardware problem in your video card. Get it checked. Reseat the video card.

4. Run your operating system in SAFE MODE once. If the problem persists in safe mode too, then its your hardware fault. And if it is not, then you might need to update windows once. 

After doing all these, if the problem still persists, then you should give your monitor for a service, because it might be a hardware problem.

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