Sample professional shell script for testing

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Hi Techyv Guys,

I am fresh to Linux Shell Scripting and would like to improve the scripting capacity through studying by my own. Please do the needful for providing me a few sample professional shell script for testing and understanding the scripts and its working.

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Allen Etthan

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Sample professional shell script for testing



If you want to be able to deal with any operating system, you should act with it so much. My advices to you are:

1. To install virtual machine under your operating system whatever it is okay and choose a Linux bootable image as Operating System and begin to deal with it step by step and I think that is the best way and powerful.

2. Online shell, there are more than one shells in internet you can write commands and see their interpreting results such as. Start session and begin writing commands.

Good luck

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Sample professional shell script for testing


The Shell Scripts are written using the Shell Programming Language. These are useful for systematizing tasks on Linux and some other Unix-based OS. If you want to know some Professional samples of these, there are many available over the net. I will provide some links below.

Anyway, in writing a professional shell script, you need to give all the information on what the shell script do. For this, you need to write Meta data to give information on the start of your script. It should contain 5 lines below the details. You can add more if you wish to.



#Purpose: To automate user creation

#Author: Surendra Kumar Anne

#Date/Time: 06-08-2011.19:10

#Modified date: 2011-00-00: Reason for modification.


Once done with the Meta data, give more information you have a complex command written. Also, try using vim editor instead of the usual vi editor since it utilizes color codes for distinct commands and control statements. Try checking that the open brackets are closed before you execute it. Use $? Inbuilt var to check on your recent command. Use tab for a better script writing so others can understand it easily.

Here are the list of URLs that might be useful for you:

Write Shell Script Linux Professionally

Shell Script Examples


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