Same Port Number of Tomcat and Oracle 10g

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While working with J2EE, I want to use tomcat server and oracle 10g for database. Both the applications have same port number 8080. Will it be alright to use two applications with same port number? If yes why, If no then in which situations, it will create problem and what's the solution?

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Same Port Number of Tomcat and Oracle 10g

This is a port conflict. I think you installed XML Database or may be running 'lnsrctl status' have  you seen a line likes
(Session=RAW)) and have your port file/sp file contain a line likes
dispatchers="(PROTOCOL=TCP) (SERVICE=xxxxxXDB)"
By default, The XML Database (XDB) can be already configured with the http port set to 8080 and the ftp
port set to 2100.
If you do not want to  XML database  the simplest solution is that to remove line dispatchers="(PROTOCOL=TCP) (SERVICE=xxxxxXDB)"
If you have required it, You need to  change the port numbers either of XML Database or Apache Tomcat.

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