Safety Procedures to undertake in servicing a dusty printer

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What are the steps to follow to service my printer by cleaning or wiping off the dust inside the printer? I am business student in one of the senior high schools in Nigeria and I have a laser printer in my room. The printer is prone to dust because of an ongoing road construction in my vicinity. How do I go about it because the printer is quite new and do not want it to break down. Thank you.

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Safety Procedures to undertake in servicing a dusty printer


You will need:

§         Small, soft-bristled paint brush

§         Toner vacuum

§         Several toner cloths or a soft cloth

§         Face mask that filters fine particles

§         Isopropyl alcohol

§         Compressed can of air

§         Latex gloves

§         Lint free cotton swabs or printer swabs

§         Large sheets of paper/newspaper


The Cleaning Process:

  • Keep the air in the room as still as possible (Turn off fans, air conditioners, etc.).
  • Use mask to prevent breathing from airborne toner particles.
  • Cover your work area with the large sheets of paper.
  • Unplug the printer and place it on top of the paper. Ensure that it has had sufficient time to cool down.
  • The fuser-roller gets extremely hot while printing, so it is essential that you allow it to cool off completely to avoid burns.
  • It is recommended that you allow the printer to sit unplugged for at least one hour before opening to clean.
  • Remove the toner cartridge or bottle to minimize toner spilling out.
  • Make active your toner cloth by stretching the sides.
  • Wipe the exterior of the cartridge and lay the cartridge on a clean cloth.
  • Remove any spilled toner as well as any toner that is loose on the internal compartments using vacuum.
  • Gently brush loose particles from crevices and corners while vacuuming.
  • Take care of thin wires called corona wires (can be easily damaged and are costly to repair).
  • No pressure is required to remove the fine particles.
  • Simply reinsert the toner cartridge, close the cover and plug it back in.
  • Take a test print page to ensure the printer is functioning and printing as normal.

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