Safety partition USB maxell E 200

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Hello everyone.

I bought a USB maxell E200 and created a safety partition with the software included with the key. My son has taken the key to his needs and he has formatted the key. I end up with the score of safety not available and of course the software removed.

Does anyone have a solution to recover this partition?


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Safety partition USB maxell E 200


You can recover files from your formatted Hard Drives or USB  unless it's overwritten or you used the space required to your file to be in the drive. Using software like wGXe(for flashdrive), issues and other Data recovery programs, you can recover them.

Just install and run the Recovery Wizard you selected, and then you can recover them. You can also use them to recover accidentally deleted files.

(NOTE: You can only use the Data Recover Wizards to Quick Formatted Hardisk. Quick Format only removes file from your partition, USB and other storage device and does not remove files from the volume.)

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Safety partition USB maxell E 200


The only solution there is to try to recover the lost data or the partition after it was formatted. Though it is possible to recover the lost partition, it doesn’t guarantee that the data in the lost partition will be accurate. After recovering the lost partition, you need to check the data in the partition if they don’t have problems. Most of the time, recovered data are partially corrupt.

To try to recover the lost partition in your USB flash drive, download the free version of Remo Recover and install it. This tool scans the entire Maxell flash drive and recovers lost or deleted files. The tool restores data safely and easily in cases when the Maxell flash drive is formatted, inaccessible, unreadable, turned to RAW, and others.

The tool supports both Microsoft Windows and OS X. Aside from recovering data from a flash drive, it also allows you to recover data from an external hard drive, memory card, FireWire drive, MMC card, and others. Remo Recover supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, and Windows 8.x including Windows Server 2003 and Windows Server 2008. It requires 512 MB RAM and 50 MB free space.

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