Safari quits unexpectedly when visiting a website…

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Why is my Mac OS x 10.5 safari quitting unexpectedly when visiting a certain website?

My apple software is up to date but i still have the problem.

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Safari quits unexpectedly when visiting a website…


If your Safari quits unexpected, you may try the following:

  • Update your Apple software (
  • Update the 3rd-party plug-ins
  • Troubleshoot the 3rd-party plug-ins
  • Disable the plug-ins
  • Check the Input Managers
  • Reset your Safari
  • Check the Web Clip widgets
  • Try a different user account
  • Try another ISP or internet connection
  • Reinstall your Safari (
  • Reinstall the latest Mac OS X (Combo OS update)
  • Try to perform an Archive then install the installation of the Mac OS X

For further reference and assistance regarding the steps above, you may visit:

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Safari quits unexpectedly when visiting a website…



Are you using third party unsupported add-ons as these add-ons will slow down your OS and eventually hang or freeze, or as you said quit on you. It does not end here as Safari may not make any downloads and other unexpected behavior.

To put back into working order:

1. Quit Safari.

2. Uninstall the third party add-ons (using the uninstall feature).

3. Restart your Mac and open Safari.

4. If your Safari runs fine, check for updates.

Please note that this does not apply to Safari Extensions and Internet plug-ins (Java, Adobe Flash and Quick Time).

If the above does not work or your third party plug-in has no uninstall feature, you have to find your Home Folder and do it manually as follows:

1. Open Finder.

2. Choose Go.

3. Choose Home.

4. Click Library.

5. Search for the plug-in in the following folders (including the user level library) and remove the third party plug-ins

  • /Library/Internet Plug-Ins/
  • /Library/Input Methods/
  • /Library/InputManagers/
  • /Library/ScriptingAdditions

When done removing, test your Safari. Again, check for updates.

I suggest you get third party plug-ins from  iTunes as Software's or plug-ins in here are definitely Apple supported. There are for free items and for pay items listed in iTunes.

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Safari quits unexpectedly when visiting a website…


That also happens in Microsoft Windows and it is really not because of the website you visited why the browser exited. The problem can be coming from the browser itself or an error in the system. I also experienced it one time when I visited a certain website. The first time I opened the page, it displayed properly.

I browsed the page then after a few seconds a closed it. I had to open it again because I forgot something and when I tried the page again, the browser is already in error. I tried it several times but whenever I try to open that certain web page, the browser terminates unexpectedly.

I had to open it again and again then I get tired and tried it on a different browser. That certain web page opened successfully on a different browser. That’s an example of a glitch in the system. Probably a cached file got corrupted after I closed the page the first time and then succeeding opening of the page on the same browser causes the browser to close because of the corrupt file.

If you encounter that problem on a certain website but all other websites are fine, try emptying your browser’s history then visit that web page again. If that doesn’t work, open that web page on a different web browser. This way, there’s no reason for the page to not open. If the page opens successfully on a different browser, reinstall or update Safari to the latest version.

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