S-voice application of Samsung works well

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Samsung don’t want to stop their phones from developing as they always do, they will just move ahead as planned and not care about what Apple has to say.

Is this S-Voice application of Samsung Galaxy S3works well than Sirifrom iPhone?

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S-voice application of Samsung works well



I think S-Voice from Samsung is a natural evolution of features. It is not meant to copy Apple's Siri. S-Voice is a sort of experimental feature to see what users will use it for. It can become the next way we communicate with our mobile devices.

Now as for capabilities you have to understand that it is a initial release, so it might not a work perfectly every single time but it is capable. Currently you can set alarm, send a message, open a app, do searches, take photos and many other things.

Now all these capabilities are subjective to the environment. If you are walking down through a noisy street you probably won't be able to use S-Voice but in a relatively quite place if might work well.

Also another thing to remember that all voice control system are highly subjective from user to user.

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