Router set up for wireless connection (Netgear)

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Hi guys,

I noticed, with my wireless at home, I can see a lot of networks, but when I see mine it just says, "netgear". How can I change my network name, for my wireless at home?
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Router set up for wireless connection (Netgear)



Hi there Sam,
  • Connect your computer directly to the router, using an Ethernet cord;
  • Open a browser like Firefox;
  • On the address bar where you see, "http"; type in, or or;
  • This should open the GUI of the router;
  • For the username and password use admin for password for the information needed;
  • Go to the wireless setting option;
  • Check the SSID name;
This is where you can change the network name.
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Router set up for wireless connection (Netgear)



Changing SSID or Network Name of your Wireless connection is not that difficult. The hindrance for this to not knowing the default of the personalized password of your router's internal settings (GUI).

You can easily identify your network name once personalized because someone else might using the same router of yours and uses the same model.

Here are the steps to change the network name.

Go to the computer that has Internet connection, wired or wireless.

  • Open a web browser, type in the address bar.
  • Log-in using admin and password for log-in page.
  • Once log-in, click on the Wireless tab.
wireless settings
  • Look for SSID/Network name and change the name to your options.
  • Click Apply button and refresh the list Wireless Networks detected.

These steps will let you change the network name or SSID.

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