Rooting and uprooting of Samsung Galaxy Ace

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How can I root my Samsung Galaxy Ace? Is it also possible to uproot it to bring back the warranty since I know for a fact that rooting voids the warranty?

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Rooting and uprooting of Samsung Galaxy Ace



Hi there , 

I think you need help regarding rooting for Your Android Samsung Galaxy Ace. 

Of course Rooting will void your Device on-site warranty. But don't worry you can unroot it back. 

First you need to know little things about what is rooting . 

Rooting is a process which involves the removal of the security sandbox of application specifics and thus enabling full control of Your Android device.

There are 2 types of rooting: – 

1. Temporary (in which you can revert it back)

2. Permanent (You can do nothing to get your Basic phone back)

Go for temporary rooting and google for it. 

Good luck.


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