Roland SC-545EX suddenly stops printing

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Roland SC-545EX suddenly stops printing

I am printing a 4 feet X 16 feet tarpaulin when the printer suddenly stops after printing at about 6 inches from the top.

I thought that it was just a network connection error between the computer and the printer so I tried to print it again but it still breaks the printing on the same area. Does the error come from the image or on the printer?

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Roland SC-545EX suddenly stops printing


Roland SC-545EX suddenly stops printing – Is it the image or the printer?

It might be the image but it is more likely a computer or the printer problem. If it is the image, is there any printer instruction on the image that stops the printing operation? Probably none right?

The problem may cause by a Virus.

If your computer infected with a virus, virus might distract or makes your network traffic too busy and your connection between the computer and the printer distracted and it might cause disconnection or time-out for a while that’s why your printer stops printing.

Print abortion may also cause of the dirty film of the printer. You will see a film-like inside the printer, just on the runway of the printer head.

Get a piece of tissue paper and gently wipe the dirt on the film. Wipe it in just one direction. Do not wipe the film back and forth to avoid damage to the film.

After cleaning the film, reprint.

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Roland SC-545EX suddenly stops printing



First thing about your problem is that, you should replace the head from time to time. Try to replace the heads after 6 months, which depends the quality.

For the most expensive brands, it will take 2 years long before you will replace it. This problem of yours varies upon the resolution you are having on the printer against your quality expectations.

The brand of software you use consist of 6 heads, let a technician upgrade your machine, then print from versa works for easier result. Your problem will definitely abrupt if you will not replace the origin of the trouble. 

Try to have new heads. 

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