Rip a network into two using switches

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I have a question on using switches. Is it possible to possess a link from one switch to an access point and then rip the network and make it two networks from access points and wired port which I will connect through an RJ45 cable? Can you get the idea? If so, please send me some help. Thanks.

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Rip a network into two using switches


I do not think that will be possible, for a switch is meant to connect the computer within a local area network and therefore it will not be able to route packets of data from one network to another as you are suggesting. What the switch will basically do is provide a point where all the computers on a local area network will be connected, and therefore information can be shared among those computers within the local area network.

But the functionality that you want is possible, only that you will need to use another network device and that is the router. The router will be able to route packets of data from one local area network to another, and therefore providing a connection between the two networks.

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