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What causes the message 27danger your PC memory is low on resources  27 and then your PC freezes up?

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Thank you for sending to us about the problem of your pc.There are many factors why your computer experienced freezing up. First is how old is your computer? Second-Viruses. Third – Corrupted Operating System. Fourth – Defective hardware component.

If your computer is getting old already, there are instances that the hardwares failed.Like memory, hard drivers, motherboard, processor, video card, and other expansion cards. If you can self service your computer please do the following:

1. Open the cover of casing and then pull the memory by pushing in the two liver clips. With your own eyes, try to see if there is burned part of the memory. If you can't see burned parts, get paint brush that is not used before and then undust it. After inspecting it and there will no dust already.Insert it back to its memory bank. Be sure not to reverse in inserting, it will cause damage to memory. Power on your computer again and observe it. If it will come up again with the problem, try to find a new memory and then insert it. If your computer will boot and the problem of freezing will gone then we can conclude that the problem that cause your computer freezes is the defective memory. (take not before servicing your computer be sure the power is off and unplug for safety purposes.)

If you can't find the solution by replacing a new memory, try the other hardware parts one by one like video card, microprocessors, expansion cards, motherboard, It will also cause the system freezes.

2. Second option, just get the hard drive of your pc and insert it to another pc with running and updated antivirus software.Scan it for viruses. After scanning, try to power on again the pc and observe.

3. Third option, corrupted and crashed programs and softwares.

4.Fourth option, shortage of voltage of Power supply can also cause the system freezes.

Take note in the error  you have given(PC memory is low on resources) the first to third option will be the nearest solution.

If you can't fix the problem yourself, that's the time you can call a technician.

Hope this will help and guide you to solve your computer problem.


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It sounds like a virus has already infected your entire system. Microsoft Windows doesn’t generate this kind of error especially when your system is already running on low memory. Even if you run low on memory space, your system will still be able to manage the processes using the operating system’s virtual memory or the page file to be exact. The system balances the memory load between your installed RAM and the page file. If your RAM is starting to be low the system will transfer some of the load to the page file and these increases or decreases the virtual memory space.

And having a low memory doesn’t cause sudden freezing that is if you are not using heavy software. If this happens to you then you’d better check for a virus infection. Update your antivirus then run a full system scan on your entire hard drive. To make sure that all are checked, make hidden files and folders visible in your Windows Explorer then do a separate scan for the “System Volume Information” folder located in “C:”. If your system is indeed infected, it would be best to just re-install your operating system.

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Hi guys,

For this error I was at a loss what to do. Anything but my mind flashed back that I can fall back upon the Techyv experts at last my concept was right. After reading your comments I am able to make of my problem and also got the idea how I will fix this problem. At long last by attaining your instruction now, I am capable of getting rid of this problem without re-installing my operating system.

All the comments and instructions that you are provided in this site have a very big help to the viewers like me. Thanks guys for your vital counsel.

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