Resolve my problem for net

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When start surf net (error: net err 324 empty response): The server is closed the connection without sending any data

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Resolve my problem for net



This type of error mostly occurs in Google Chrome so the first thing is to do is

1. Go to options in Chrome and click reset to Defaults and Refresh the page by clicking refresh or pressing F5 key.

If it does not work try this one error 324 also happens when Internet Download Manager was running on the system try this

2. Open IDM go to menu bar Downloads>Options>General and uncheck the use advanced browser integration checkbox.

It will solve your 324 error.


                Rikki martin

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Resolve my problem for net


First Step:

At the top right corner there located tool icon

Click > Settings

Click > Advanced

Click > Content Settings

Click “all cookies and data from sites”

A new window will open where you have to click “Delete all”

Second Step:

For particular link error solve you have to open the page that you have problems

Add an “s” after the http to the above address

May be you have problems with http and https

If it still persists then follow the final step

Final step:

Google chrome/Chrome plus/Flock

Options > Under Hood Tab > click “Change proxy setting” under network>new pop up window: Under connections tab > click Lan settings > New window: Uncheck proxy server> Hit ok and Restart browser

I think after that you problem will be solved

Happy Surfing……..

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Resolve my problem for net



You will need to check you internet connection and ensure that it is on. In case it tripped at some point or it is off and as a results preventing the server from sending. You will therefore need to troubleshoot problem with internet connection.

  • Check network cables and ensure that they are connected and working properly.
  • You can try restarting the router to refresh the settings in case it is in idle mode.

The problem may also be with the browser that you are using. You will need to do the following:

  • Check for proxy settings in the browser that may be causing the issue and get rid of them.
  • Try using an alternative browser.




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