Resolve Error 0x80070057 Parameter Is Incorrect Failure

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When I was copying my files from one place to another, I got an error 0x80070057 parameter is incorrect? Can anyone tell me about this error and its solution?

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Resolve Error 0x80070057 Parameter Is Incorrect Failure


One possible cause of the error that can be triggered when copying content is a problem with the drive. When you copy a file using the Windows Explorer, you need access to the source file located on the source drive.

Once you select the file and execute the copy command, you then need to access the destination drive which may not be possible if the target drive is already inaccessible. This will not trigger the error. But since the error was triggered, that means the copy operation was started. If this is the case, the problem might be originating from the destination drive itself.

In this case, it can be a problem with the file system, partition, or the physical drive. If the problem was triggered when copying something into a USB flash drive, try uninstalling the drive from the Device Manager. With the USB device still connected to the USB port, right-click “My Computer” then select “Properties.” Select “Hardware” tab and click “Device Manager.”

Expand “Universal Serial Bus controllers” then uninstall any “USB Mass Storage Device” you see under this category. After this, shut down your computer then disconnect the USB flash drive from the USB port when the computer is completely turned off. After 5 to 10 seconds, start the computer. When booting is finished, connect the USB flash drive then try copying again.

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