Requested Clipboard operation did not succeed.

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I have been getting an error message with Microsoft Visual Studio from past a few days. Hope someone can help me give a solution for the same.

I am trying to perform a Copy action from rtf format into word format through automation. This process is happening on my Windows XP machine where I have Microsoft Visual Studio 2008 installed on.

This occasionally comes up with the following error message.


Microsoft Visual Studio

Requested Clipboard operation did not succeed.


When this error pop’s up I usually restart the application or just reboot the machine.


Please help.

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Requested Clipboard operation did not succeed.


Greetings Edward,

As far as the investigation on this issue from my side, I found that this issue happens either when the clipboard memory is overflown while the copy process is going on or when the clipboard is getting accessed or locked by another program that is running. As you have mentioned that you will try shutting down the application or reboot the PC, it is clear that the issue happens with the memory issue of the clipboard. Make sure that no other application is using the clipboard and close then if you are able to find it. You may find the same by closing the other applications one by one and see which one is causing this. 

In short, avoid opening the other applications when you are having this copying process going on or have them closed when this is done. As long as the clipboard memory is not hooked up, this may not happen.


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