Replacing my old fan, avoiding mistakes

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When I built my first computer, I made the mistake of skimping on the fan a bit, with the result that I am stuck with something that is very loud and doesn’t even do its job properly. I would like to replace it with something better. I have looked around and the ARCTIC Accelero Twin Turbo II seems like a good option. Is there anything I should be aware of? Are there any compatibility problems? Is it worth the expense in a fairly old computer?

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Replacing my old fan, avoiding mistakes




Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo II is one of the finest products from Arctic company. This “super cool” is loved by hardware engineers because of its versatile compatibility to lots of different video cards including some newer GPU’s, like NVIDIA 6 series and AMD 7 series. This is possible because of the several threaded holes punched into the base of the cooler. Best fact about this cooler is its lower. The noise impeller with an exclusive fan holder makes this possible even in when fully loaded, for such a powerful device.

The TIM glue provided with the product is a bit messy, but that’s all you need to paste four tiny plastic spacers at the cooler base. Just put the cooler in the desired place, and shoot four screws. You are done!!

But in spite of all of this, it has few limitations too, which you should be aware of before buying it. First is the absence of a back plate. This is very necessary to distribute the force to the centre of the video card, hence prevent the bending of the board.

The second issue the plastic spacers. The way which is mentioned in the manual for installing the cooler with spacers is not at all helpful. This way makes the spacers barring cooler from effectively touching the GPU heat spreader. You have to figure out this problem’s solution by your own means.

Hope you can take your decision easily now.

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