Replace MS Office with OpenOffice

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Dear Friends

I am using licensed version of MS Office. Can i replace this with Open Office as it is a open source? Does Open Office provides all the powerful features compared to Microsoft Office?


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Replace MS Office with OpenOffice


Hi Jeremy Ngo,

Well, yes, you can replace it with another office suite which is OpenOffice. I mean it is your computer anyway so you can do whatever you want with it. Considering that you have a licensed Microsoft Office suite, why have the trouble and the hassle of changing your office suite? I mean it is just the somehow the same although OpenOffice is an open source which allows you to change the software the way you wanted it. There are a lot of things you can do with your MS Office Suite although it is not an open source like OpenOffice.

Anyway, OpenOffice has its own features too. Somehow, it is as capable as MS Office Suite; however, I much prefer MS Office Suite than OpenOffice because I think it has more features, it is much more easier to use, etc.. Well, I was able to use OpenOffice Suite, but I did not like its interface; thus, I use MS Office Suite than OpenOffice. 

If you are still confused, then check this link. It might lighten up your thoughts.

Microsoft Office vs. OpenOffice.Org

Mathew Joni

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Replace MS Office with OpenOffice


Both tools are good following are some features as a comparison, so you may able to make decision:

Microsoft office products are very popular and also expensive

Open office is an alternative that will work with office files and cost nothing. They are available for download from the Internet.

Open Office is compatible with Linux, Microsoft and Mac operating systems. has several programs in its files that come in a package. All of OpenOffice files can be downloaded online, and are free.

The nice thing about Open Office is that most of their programs will convert your files to a .PDF file without buying more software. It is one feature that Microsoft doesn't have.

To download and install Open Office 3.3, please watch the video below:

Open Office have programs like  Writer, Calc, Draw, Impress, Math, and Base

Writer is equivalent to Microsoft Word. This is a word processor – Calc is the same as Microsoft Excel. Draw You can draw flowcharts, and many different designs. This is similar to Microsoft Publisher. Impress is for multimedia presentations similar to PowerPoint.. Math -This program is a little complicated. With this program you can create math problems, and save as a photo and insert into cal or impress. Base – This will replace Microsoft Access.

 If you are short of money, or don't want to spend a lot of office production software Open Office is the software to get.


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