Removing Inaccessible Objects In VSAN

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Recently I had turned off vSAN. The entire cluster was put down by me accidentally. When the cluster came back up, I found certain inaccessible objects. How can I remove these inaccessible objects?

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Removing Inaccessible Objects In VSAN


Follow the steps below:

1. SSH into VCSA and Login as root. Then RVC into the VCSA console.

2. Get into the cluster folder, and there you will see the vSAN cluster name.

3. Run vsan.check_state -r cluster-name. This will check the state and tries to refresh the objects. It will then list out all the inaccessible objects.

4. Now try to kill the purge the swap objects. Run vsan.purge_inaccessible_vswp_objects cluster-name.

5. Run vsan.check_state -r cluster-name again and note down the UUID of the remaining inaccessible objects. Run vsan.cmmds_find -u UUID cluster-name. The details will show you where is the object hosted and what object it is.

6. Now Run /usr/lib/vmware/osfs/bin/objtool delete -u UUID -f -v 10

7. Repeat the process for each of the objects.

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