Remove unnecessary Windows XP components

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I want to install XP to a virtual machine to separate my development job from personal tasks in my computer.

Due to hard drive space constraints, I only want to allocate 10 GB disk space for Windows XP. I notice that there are many components in the default Windows XP install such as Movie Maker, desktop backgrounds, etc which I don't need for my purpose.

How can I remove those components? I tried Add/Remove programs but it doesn't have any option to remove Movie Maker and such.

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Remove unnecessary Windows XP components


I know just the tool that you need.

There's this nifty tool called nLite ( for creating your own customized Windows XP installer. I think it will do just what you want such as:

  1. Slipstream Windows XP service packs. This will lessen the drive space used up when you install a service pack. If you slipstream a service pack, your Windows XP installation will automatically have Service Pack 2 or 3 installed.
  2. You can integrate hotfixes and windows updates to the installer so you don't have to go online and run windows update.
  3. Remove Windows components. You can remove Movie Maker. 
  4. You can integrate drivers so you don't have to manually install your motherboard's driver CD.

Anyways, I'll leave it up to you to study and discover all its great features for yourself.

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Remove unnecessary Windows XP components


To remove unnecessary window components, you must go to Add/Remove windows components and not Add/Remove programs. Because Add/Remove programs are programs installed manually by the user that’s why you will not able to find Windows components from there.

When you click the Add/Remove windows components, the “Windows Components Wizard” will appear. See the image below:

 Windows Components Wizard

Under the Components list, select the components that you want to remove by clearing the checkbox beside the component’s name. There are sub components on in it when the box is shaded with gray. Double click the box to see its sub components. Click Next and wait for the Wizard to finish the process.

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