Release Error: Script #0 (Ascent 7.0 FileNet Content Manager 3.0)

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Hi experts

I am using 2 identical batches. But just one of the software imports and another one give me this error in every time.

Release Error: Script #0 (Ascent 7.0 FileNet Content Manager 3.0) [-2147220951 The value given for a property or list element lies outside the permitted range or value set, or exceeds the maximum length allowed. Please verify that all document property values are correct and try again.]

The working batch was a duplicate of a scanner processing batch and that was I exported, then I imported through different name. After that I made the transforms to do a software import and it works. A fresh Batch Class was made using the similar values as the running batch class in that batch which is not working.

As well as the Document Class applies the similar document class the same as the working batch. Then I checked again and again the settings for both classes but still I am getting the error message when I want to make a software import via the batch I have made from scratch.

Another attempt of mine to make a software import batch also founded the similar error message. I need to solve this. Please help me.

Thanks in advance.

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Release Error: Script #0 (Ascent 7.0 FileNet Content Manager 3.0)


Hallo Shirley,

To resolve that error, you will need to try the following:

  • You will need to replace temporarily the release scripts that are both working and non working with text releases.
  • The possible reason to such a problem could be with an Indexing operator ID that is a little too long for the filenet index.
  • From you what you have posted it seems that you have a Scan Operator assignment.
  • You should try to compare the released data in text format, so that you will not have to worry about the data type conversion errors or the length of the fields.

I hope this will help you.



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