Registry and Software Installation Slows Down Computer

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Why does my computer slows down after installing a couple of software? I've heard it's something about the space taken by the software in the hard drive but a friend also told it's got to do about the registry.

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Registry and Software Installation Slows Down Computer


Yes, all of the information you received are all true. Every time you install an application in your computer, it occupies space in the system drive where the installation files are copied.

The installation also creates some entries in the Windows registry for the proper configuration of the program together with some information like the application’s name, version number, installation date, installation folder, owner’s registered name [if the program is a registered version] together with some other registration information, and some other vital details.

When doing an installation, the files that are copied and installed on the system drive are usually copied on different locations in the hard drive leaving spaces between the drive’s clusters.

In other words, the files are copied anywhere in the hard drive which in turn makes the program execution a bit slower because the system needs to find the next part of the program. This also goes to the Windows registry.

If you frequently install and uninstall applications, it is more likely that your registry will become loose because of the registry entries being removed leaving spaces or holes in the registry.

To fix this problem and to improve the performance of your computer, you just need to defrag your system using Windows’ Disk Defragmenter which can be accessed by clicking Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools. Run this to compact your system drive and to make program executions faster.

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