Regarding Microsoft Sharepoint content management tool

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Hi everybody,

I am new to this forum and also I don’t know very much about Microsoft SharePoint content management tool.
So, can anybody tell me what the best features of this Microsoft SharePoint are? And also if there are lots of open source content management tools, then why should we choose this tool? What are exactly specific features of this tool?

Please answer me.

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Regarding Microsoft Sharepoint content management tool


Hi good day,

You know SharePoint is both an application platform (SharePoint foundation) as well as an implementation on top of that platform (SharePoint Server/Enterprise) designed for common office collaboration scenarios.

It is one of Microsoft’s signature enterprise platforms, and as such builds entirely, and exclusively, on their tech. (And also drives a lot of their revenues.) then Microsoft SharePoint with its ability to create SharePoint list.

The creation process is really easy. SharePoint list feature is a capability I really miss. Unless anyone out there has an open source solution which allows us to easily create a list of records.

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Regarding Microsoft Sharepoint content management tool


The content management tool of MS SharePoint can allow you to converse efficiently with employees, clients and more. It gives an easy-to-use utility to make, accept and distribute web contents. It also lets you gather information promptly to intranet, extranet and websites with a more reliable design. This content management can create, distribute, manage and operates a huge and vibrant group of content.

The following are the features of MS SharePoint Web Content Management:

1. Handles changes of contents when using different devices.

2. Distribute content to the intranet, web sites and extranet.

3. WYSIWYG background in Author Web content.

4. Handle the content, configuration and growth of a site.

5. Utilize doc converters for converting InfoPath, Word and XML files.

6. Set up a support process to guarantee that the content is checked before it can be publish.

You need to use the Office SharePoint Web Content Management because of the following:

A. Author and distribute the content in a timely manner with a simple authoring tools.

B. Preserve a reliable navigation style on the entire site.

C. Lower utilization and management costs on the site.

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