Regarding Agile Software Development concept and estimates

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I need your help in defining the requirements for developing a good Agile Software Development concept. What are the information needed for developing a good estimate and what are the results of a poor estimate? 

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Regarding Agile Software Development concept and estimates


Agile software development has been very sophisticated and helpful through years and very hands on too. What kind of estimates rare you trying to make whatever is it time estimate or the effort estimate you are trying to make. There is a complete list of literature articles methods and techniques which help you in estimating time, effort, and even the size of the teams as well. Well obviously bad estimate can result in the project failure, and a good estimate can lead you towards at least to a better software development milestone and deliverable well in time. You can view the following links on different types of estimations that can be made in Agile development.

Informational link 1
Informational link 2
Informational link 3
Informational link 4

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