Redirect Cache Remote Desktop Cache files

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I’m using Windows XP on my Presario CQ41 laptop. My laptop is partitioned into 2 drives.  I put all 58.8 GB on my C: drive and 173 on my D: drive.  All the installed programs are on the C: drive.  Now I only have 4.2.GB free memory space on my C: drive.  On the other hand my D: drive has a large amount of space. It has 60.2GB free memory space. I only use the D: as a back-up for my software, games, movies etc.

My remote Desktop cached files took a large of memory in my C: drive and My Windows machine is getting low on memory space.  So I need to do Disk Cleanup to take some cache files. Majority of my stored data is on my second drive which is the Drive D: and this one has still a lot of spaces.

My question is if it's appropriate to configure the Remote Desktop client again and use my folder in my second drive for caching instead of putting my files on Drive C:?

If so, how can I configure it?

Where can I find the settings for this?


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Redirect Cache Remote Desktop Cache files


So the basic problem here is how to manage your disk space and how you can locate your cache files. Dear do the following steps to solve this problem:

Go to "MY Computer” C:  where your operating system is working. If it is in C: choose that, and now select Windows folder ;  double click that folder and you will see lot of things there. Now you have to locate the "TEMP" folder there.  When found , double click that and see how  many files are there in this folder.  These files are of no use to the operating system so you have to delete them all.

One more thing you can do is, manage your disk cluster wise and this will free a lot of space on your hard disk.  It can be done by DISK DEFRAGMENT under ACCESSORIES and system tools and select disk DEFRAGMENT.

Now choose your disk to defragmenter.

What’s about Remote desktop.  It is a tool which uses another computer, which is located on the network to share drives and files. One computer can connect to others to share files. It is not implemented on hard disk drives. It is RDP and applies to other computers on a network.

Paul info.

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