Recover files from flash drive without the flash drive?

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I lost my flash drive a few years back. However, I was able to save a shortcut copy of it from the last computer I used it from. However, it won't open anything up and is in an lnk file. Is there a way to recover the data? The data is so valuable to me. I hope there is a way because it contains my middle school stuff and it is the only copies of them! I'm so sad I lost the drive. If there is even a chance something can work, please share.

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Recover files from flash drive without the flash drive?



Such task is never possible because the data isn’t stored inside the shortcut.

Shortcut is only a file that indicates to the target file or folder or drive. It’s a small LNK file that contains nothing more than file paths. You can use it to save your time instead of searching the file from the drive.

Pendrive has a flash memory that holds the data and makes it usable. If you don’t have the pendrive, you can’t get your data back. Though files deleted from pendrive can be recovered, files from a lost pendrive isn’t recoverable. If you don’t have any backup of your pendrive, it means that you’re files are lost forever. Shortcuts can’t help you get back your data.

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