Record view issue in Camtasia

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I attempt to make some plays and it works fine but when I open the Camtasia and begin to get some record, I couldn't view it. I could view only going up and going down but when I do so I can rotate in a circle. Someone help? Please tell me how to resolve it. (If you want some video I can send you one).

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Record view issue in Camtasia


It could have been better if you had posted a sample video so that I can be able to get the ground from which to get the workaround to your situation. Has the problem been going on since you installed Camtasia or it just started recently? If the application started malfunctioning recently then the problem could be as a result of the changes that you may have made. If you can remember making updates to the application, or just making any changes that are causing the application then you will need to remove the changes.

If the problem is with the application itself, then you might need to uninstall it and install it again so that any bugs within the application will be removed.

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