Recommended prerequisite checks have failed

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I am going to install the oracle 10gR2 and got a problem. I have checked the hardware requirements and kernel requirements, installed required packages. I have set also the kernel parameters, created oracle user and groups. I also created the required directories for oracle base and change the ownership. I have set the session limits for oracle user. I have configured the oracle user’s environment, invoked OUI and during the installation OUI gives a warning that oracle database 10g is not certified on the current operating system and I still proceed to continue, OUI gives a dialog box with a warning,

“some recommended prerequisite checks have failed. You might get errors during installation. Do you want to proceed?”

What does  this message mean? Is there something wrong with my installation process? I’ll appreciate all the answers you could give me.

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Recommended prerequisite checks have failed


Hi there,

I am Brice. It seems to me that your current operating system is not certified for your current Oracle 10g installation. Though this may be just warning, oracle is trying to tell you that though installation can proceed, it may not run properly due to the prerequisites for installation or requirements, are not perfectly met. Oracle may run but expect perhaps some performance issues or errors that will occur due to prerequisites not being met perfectly. I suggest you look into what OS you have and make sure it is compatible or certified for use on Oracle 10g.

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